Blog | Wakefield ArtWalk July 2013

Wakefield Civic Society

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Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield
Jul 31

Wakefield ArtWalk July 2013

Wakefield Civic Society will once again be opening its doors for the Wakefield Artwalk on 31st July.

Do drop in and see us between 5 and 9 pm to see our new exhibition Architect and Artist in Collaboration by DLA Design Group


“Artists and architects speak different languages and think in different ways but there are many parallels to be drawn between their practices. This makes it interesting to see what happens when they work together.” (Jes Fernie)

This exhibition is a collection of work by DLA Design Group that focuses on the collaboration between artists and architects. It covers both the process and the outcome of a range of projects from the local area, and how, by embodying artistic philosophy at the start of a project both aspirational and innovative ideas can emerge.

We believe that collaboration is at the very heart of the projects we create and deliver, where true innovation and design quality begins.