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Civic Society President wins national award

Posted on 12 November 2013 by

Kevin Trickett, president of Wakefield Civic Society since 2002, has been recognised for his outstanding contribution to the civic movement. He has been presented with the Marsh Civic Volunteer Award at a national civic society convention hosted by Civic Voice at Liverpool Town Hall.

Speaking to an audience of civic society representatives from around the country, Mr Trickett said he was delighted and honoured to have been given the award which recognised his work for the civic society movement at local, regional and national level. He said that he first joined Wakefield Civic Society in 1989 after going on one of the Society’s coach excursions and didn’t really know very much about the Society at that time. However, in 1990, he was invited to join the Society’s committee in 1990 and then, in 2002, he became the Society’s president, a post he still holds.

Mr Trickett said “This award came as a complete surprise to me but I am very grateful to the Marsh Christian Trust for recognising my work for the civic movement not just here in Wakefield but also further afield. Who knew that going on a coach trip would lead to this?

“As a volunteer, one does not look for rewards but it’s always nice to receive recognition for one’s efforts! I should add that, while the award is a personal one to me, I could not have achieved the things I have done here in Wakefield without the full support of a dedicated team of volunteer committee members and I would like to put on record my sincere thanks to all those who have served on the committee over the years”.

As well as a certificate, Mr Trickett was presented with a cheque for £500. Mr Trickett has said that intends to use the money to further the aims of Wakefield Civic Society.

Since becoming president of Wakefield Civic Society, Mr Trickett has also taken a place on the committee of the Yorkshire and Humber Association of Civic Societies, and has been its chairman since 2011. In addition, he was a trustee of the Civic Trust from 2004 to 2009 and worked behind the scenes to set up the Trust’s successor body, Civic Voice. He regularly gives talks about the work of the civic society movement to audiences across the country.

You can find out more about the Marsh Award here