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Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield
Mar 26

Wakefield Artwalk MArch 2014

For the March 2014 Artwalk, we will be hosting two artists - Carol Hanson and Tom Box. Call into our office at 19 King Street between 5 pm and 9 pm on Wednesday, 26th March to see the exhibitions and meet the artists.

For full details of what is showing across Wakefield for the March Artwalk go to the Artwalk website.

Carol Hanson

Artist Carol Hanson is working in partnership with three King Street venues, Wakefield Civic Society, Jordan’s Solicitors and the Well Women Centre on a one-off not to be missed joint project that encompasses all three King Street buildings.

A pop-up ‘cartoon business’ inspired by the memories and stories associated with King Street’s heritage will be erected for the night of the ArtWalk only. The art will have a special mention to the connection the street has to the old cinema and photographs to the Art Deco period taking you on a trip down memory lane with pop up characters telling you the tale of King Street and the union of the venues.

For Wakefield Civic Society an animated piece will be projected in the 6-seater cinema. Carol also intends to create a box office window, ice cream seller and fancy entrance on the wall containing the door into the tiny cinema.

This work has been commissioned and funded by The Art House for Wakefield Artwalk.

Also showing:

Box Graphics

When Founded in July 2010, Box Graphics was a small business with big ambitions. Now in 2014 we are a company that exports products of the highest quality across the world and has won numerous awards. 2013 was a fantastic year for us, and we hope 2014 will offer similar fortune. Our photography and graphic design studio is situated in Castleford at the Chairworks Studios. Our work is “innovative” and “bespoke”, but above all it is made to the highest quality so you know the product you get will be impeccable. The range of art we are exhibiting encompasses a variety of different work, from retro pop art to revolutionary graphic design…In short, something for everyone.

We are exhibiting on the 26th March 2014 as part of the Wakefield Artwalk and are participating because we believe that self-expression and artistic appreciation are indispensable. Work will be for sale. Prices range from £10, with a variety of sizes available. Commissioned work is also very welcome from companies or individuals, and delivery is available on larger pieces of work. Furthermore all of our art is printed on fine art paper of the highest quality. For further details contact us at, or visit our