Blog | Wakefield Artwalk - May 2014

Wakefield Civic Society

an organisation dedicated to making Wakefield a better place in which to live, work or relax.

Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield
May 28

Wakefield Artwalk - May 2014

Across the Wakefield district, there is a need to build thousands of new homes over the next decade or so to meet the projected housing needs of the rising population. Some developments have already been started, others have been approved, others are still at the planning stage.

For the May Artwalk, we have done a search of the internet to see what developers are building, or planning, across the world. We are asking, what sort of developments do we, the current (and potential!) residents of Wakefield, want to see: more of the sort of development that we see all around us or something different? Do we want high-rise development (such a Bridgewater Place in Leeds, shown left), medium rise, or low rise?

As our exhibition hopes to show, done well, modern architecture and design can be exciting and inspiring and help to ease the pressure on precious green space. Should we be campaigning for this sort of development here in Wakefield? We welcome your views!

Do come along and have a look at the exhibition and talk to committee members to let them have your views.


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