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Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield
Feb 16

The Big Conservation Conversation

The first conservation areas were designated 50 years ago in 1967 under the Civic Amenities Act, a private members bill led by Duncan Sandys MP (later Lord Duncan Sandys). There are now nearly 10,000 conservation areas across the country (approximately 9,300 in England, 500 in Wales, 650 in Scotland and 60 in Northern Ireland), helping to safeguard some of our most important historic places. There are 29 conservation areas in the Wakefield district and, of these, 17 are in the Wakefield Civic Society ‘area of benefit’.

Along with other civic societies across the country, Wakefield Civic Society is planning a number of activities this year to mark this important anniversary as part of the national Civic Voice campaign ‘The Big Conservation Conversation’, intended to raise the profile of conservation areas within their local communities, both with residents and property owners and developers.

We begin with a presentation on the conservation areas in and around the city: what are they, where are they, what makes them special, and what sort of condition are they in?

Come and find out more about the conservation areas of Wakefield at our free talk on Thursday, 16th February at Wakefield Town Hall.

This is a free event, open to all but booking is advisable - book on line now using Eventbrite.

Doors open at 7.00 pm and seats are unallocated.


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